[development] One core, many distributions

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Wed Nov 23 17:44:43 UTC 2005

> So for those for whom Drupal is not just a short term solution for a
> client, but part of a long strategy for developing a successful
> consulting business (or other types of career advancement), the
> community is very important, and even the end users of which Liza speaks. 

hear hear...

> Check out the Google results on these phrase and term combinations:
> "Drupal sucks" 627 hits
> "Mambo sucks" 289 hits
> "PostNuke sucks" 341 hits
> "Plone sucks" 123 hits
> "Drupal is easy" 100 hits
> "Mambo is easy" 656 hits
> "PostNuke is easy" 117 hits
> "Plone is easy" 514 hits
> "Drupal is hard" 52 hits
> "Mambo is hard" 43 hits
> "PostNuke is hard" 5 hits
> "Plone is hard" 28 hits
> "Drupal is difficult" 280 hits
> "Mambo is difficult" 89 hits
> "PostNuke is difficult" 44 hits
> "Plone is difficult" 14 hits
> Now what's interesting are these keyword stats:
> Drupal usability 372,000 hits
> Mambo usability 338,000 hits
> PostNuke usability 82,900 hits
> Plone usability 147,000 hits
> A lot of talk about Drupal usability, but it seems that more needs to
> be accomplished to change public perception.
I am convinced that a lot of this is about expectations.  If I buy a
chair at the furniture store and I get home and find a boxful of wood
and screws then I may not be very happy (yes I should have done more
research - but I'm not the smartest person in the world - a
characteristic I happily share with a large number of people).  I think
we could make a huge impact on perceptions without having to write a
single line of code.

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