[development] One core, many distributions

Charlie Lowe cel4145 at cyberdash.com
Wed Nov 23 21:40:18 UTC 2005

Gerhard wrote,

"It did create a great number of Drupal sites, but how many core
developers did we get from it? There's Neil Drumm, Aaron Welch and  ...?

And if I look closely at the Drupal project as an Open Source project,
the number and quality of people working on core is the only thing that
is _really_ important."

And how many projects did its influence directly or indirectly fund so 
that core developers could be core developers, devoting more of their 
time to Drupal (hint: anyone you and I know making money through working 
on CivicSpace)? How many extra clients did it turn on to Drupal so that 
they sought core developers? How many other people have contributed 
patch reviews and bug fixes as a result?  It's the trickle down effect. 
That's what is also *really* important ;)

"(and no I didn't take your post personally, why would I?)"

(I didn't think so :)

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