[development] One core, many distributions

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Nov 23 22:18:05 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 23 november 2005 14:23, schreef Moshe Weitzman:
> what kind of a solution is it to propose a committee? i think you proposed
> the same thing with theme system. IMO, the way to "get this on rails" is to
> make tickets for things that should change, and then work to close those
> tickets. skip the committee.

heh, Is it still not clear that I am the hater of any comittee. I used to run 
around with anarchy signs all over me ;)

A group is not a committee. A group is a bunch of people that have a common 
denominator (or some other word).

What I propose is to FIRST think what we all need. I spoke to Jose and to 
Gerhard, who both want some internationalization. But all three of us need 
different things. So we could go out and make three i18n-s. But much better 
would it be if we grouped around what all three of us need, and on top of 
that build our own little house. 


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