[development] creating forward compatable modules?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu Nov 24 09:12:50 UTC 2005

This is what i calculated on about 40 sites. 

When one site was very active, I saw the same issues / problems then when 
several sites had slightly higher load.

Op woensdag 23 november 2005 23:38, schreef Tao Starbow:
> So you are saying that Drupal acts like one big app, independent of the
> number of sites (I am assuming you mean 10,000 visitors vs 100 sites
> with 100 visitors)?

Sorry, it was late :) 10.000 == 100  x 100 I am not sure if this is linear in 
every amount, but the way drupal multisite works, I would think it does. 

> That's really good to know. Is there a rule of thumb 
> for 1 registered user = X anonymous users?

That really depends on the used modules. In fact it all does. Especially 
contributed modules often perform very bad. But I do not have any such 

> -tao
> Bèr Kessels wrote:
> >On factor I found, and one that we used to estimate our business model is
> > that it hardly matters if you run one site with 1000 visitors or 100 with
> > 100.
> >
> >Hope that helps you finetuning your model.
> >
> >Ber
> >
> >Op woensdag 23 november 2005 22:43, schreef Tao Starbow:
> >>Hi Dan,
> >>
> >>Good point.  Right now our infrastructure consists of a single dell
> >>poweredge (3GHz Xeno, 2GB ram, 70 GB scsi raid), running FreeBSD.  We
> >>can pretty much dedicate this box to serving Drupal (apache and mysql on
> >>the same box). We are using the engineering department's network, so I
> >>am not worried about running out of bandwidth.
> >>
> >>We hope to be able to serve as many sites as there is interest.  The
> >>first stage is to set up sites for about half-a-dozen projects and
> >>centers and see how they use them.  My feeling is that we could end up
> >>filling a very important niche on campus, and demand could grow quite
> >>large, once the word gets out. And CITRIS is not just UCB.  Our charter
> >>is to encourage inter-departmental & multi-campus collaboration at UCB,
> >>UC Santa Cruz, UC David & UC Merced.
> >>
> >>My guess is that the typical site will have a few dozen, or less,
> >>registered users producing content that is consumed by a few thousand,
> >>or less, viewers.  This is my initial target as I pick the supported
> >>modules and default configurations.  But that is just my guess, and the
> >>groups might end up using the system very differently.  That is why
> >>Drupal's combination of features and costomizabilty seems like such a
> >>great fit.
> >>
> >>-tao
> >>
> >>Dan Robinson wrote:
> >>>Hi Tao,
> >>>
> >>>Glad to hear things are working for you.  Rather than ask a very open
> >>>ended question about how Drupal scales - for which the only reasonable
> >>>answer is "it depends" - you might try outlining your requirements.
> >>>How many sites, how many users, how are the sites going to be used,
> >>>administered etc.  Also some information on your current IT
> >>>infrastructure - types of servers, network etc. would be helpful.
> >>>
> >>>Dan
> >>>
> >>>>Hi Drupal devs,
> >>>>
> >>>>First, thank you all for an amazingly useful tool.
> >>>>
> >>>>I am a programmer at the CITRIS center at UC Berkeley. We recently
> >>>>finished moving our own web site (http://www.citris-uc.org) over to
> >>>>Drupal and I am now working on the infrastructure to allow us to start
> >>>>providing Drupal-based sites for more of the campus community. So far
> >>>>I have been able to do everything I need with the available modules
> >>>>and a bit of hacking, but I am now starting to create custom modules.
> >>>>I was wondering if it is possible to create modules that will be
> >>>>compatible with both 4.6 and 4.7?
> >>>>
> >>>>Also, does anyone have advice on how to calculate how many Drupal
> >>>>sites a server can handle?  Installing new hardware can take months
> >>>>around here, so I need to stay well ahead of the curve.
> >>>>
> >>>>thanks,
> >>>>Tao Starbow
> >>>>CITRIS

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