[development] menu gurus? question about local tasks and 'active' tab

Nedjo Rogers nedjo at islandnet.com
Thu Nov 24 23:15:24 UTC 2005

I'm wrestling with a question related to local tasks and could use some help 
from a menu guru.

As part of the proposed classification approach for projects, I've used 
tertiary/third-level local tasks as an aid for browsing, see the demo at:


The code is posted as a patch to the issue at:


The issue has to do with the 'active' secondary task tab.  When the tertiary 
task is the default, the secondary task is correctly highlighted.  But for 
any other third-level task (e.g., in the demo, click on the category 
'utility'), the 'active' class selector disappears from the secondary tabs. 
Apparently, the secondary task is not recognized as being on the active 

Anyone tried to use third-level local tasks before?  Any troubleshooting 
tips?  Anyone able to spot what I'm doing wrong?  I don't follow the 
menu.inc code well enough to easily determine where the issue is.

Thanks, Nedjo 

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