[development] bzr battle plan

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 17:18:19 UTC 2005

To add to the list Ber made:

> Op vrijdag 25 november 2005 00:17, schreef Angie Byron:
>> 1. What are our major gripes about CVS and where has CVS failed us?

No such thing "cvs rename"
No such thing as "cvs move"
    - which make it laborious to correct mistakes and design changes

No versioning of directories
    - which means empty directories (after mistakes or design changes) stay in 
the repository until someone with file-system level access cleans them up

They're small niggles I know, but they really drag on day-to-day tasks.

>> 2. On the flip-side, what are some cool things about CVS that we like and
>> want to make sure the next package has?

Existing integration with drupal.org project module, packaging scripts.
Web front end on drupal.org.

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