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Adrian Rossouw adrian at
Sat Nov 26 22:00:04 UTC 2005

On 26 Nov 2005, at 11:43 PM, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

>>> but I really do think we need to
>>> give cvs the boot. SVN is far simpler to comprehend, and script.
>> Indeed, I really think CVS actually does harm in the confusion it  
>> causes
>> for new  users. SVN is a little bit more intuitive, and it's  
>> easier to
>> fix mistakes (versioned directories, "svn move" and "svn rename").
>> But we are left with the same questions:
>> Will Dries ever approve the move to SVN?
>> What would it take for that to happen?
>> What do we need to do to make it happen?
> This is quite easy to answer. Software support is not in place
> ( commit tracking, project module, etc) for SVN. First this
> needs to be done for a version management system, before a switch  
> can be
> considered.

According to Dries, we need to first convert cvslog.module

 From how I understand the module, there's a set of scripts which
manipulate the cvslog table, when triggered by cvs commits.

We would (simply?) have to rewrite these commit scripts to
populate the tables on svn commits.

That's my 2 minute overview of the problem.

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