[drupal-devel] export on books links

Tobias Maier tobias.maier at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 12:37:52 UTC 2005

Bèr Kessels schrieb:

>As so many people, I am again a little bit annoyed about various links under a 
>In this case my client wants me to remove the export as FOO links. 
>We use books for our static part (as discussed earlier in this ML: books make 
>perfect static sites) of the site.
>But, all the export as links are clutter in that case. I have made some 
>regexps to get these links out. But that somution is subideal. 
>I see two solutions: rewrite the _link system completely. I have not time for 
>this. Or introduce a permission 'export books'. 
>Please give your comments or ideas on what route to take and what has the most 
>chance to get in. Other options are most welcome too, off course!
i started to write a export book permission here 
but thought that this will never gets included for 4.7.

so I thought i do it later (after I finished my internship)

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