[drupal-devel] blog != blog

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Oct 3 09:36:23 UTC 2005


Too often have i seen the questions in the forums, but this small usability 
test proves it: we need to do something about blog module. 

usability test: A consultant/developer I know set up a drupal site after I 
instroduced Drupal. I followed the process to see what would happen.

Guess what? He used blog.module for his personal blog. And off course could 
not find anywhere to get rid of the breadcrumb Start >> Blogs >> Foos blog 
and of the links under each node 'Foos Blog'.

I would really like to get this solved. It annoys me, for it makes Drupal look 
unprofessional to new users. 

Me: No, blog.module is not for blogs. It is meant for community blogs, when 
more people on one single site blog. 
He: So, then how must I blog? 
Me: Use stories. 
He: Then why do you not call blog module: communityblog.module and communicate 
better that it is not meant for the lonely blogger? I see you use the word 
journal. But I wanted to blog. Not write stories. Oh, yes, there, there is a 
note that stories can be used for personal blogs.
Me: well, there are some notes here and there, but indeed, when there is a 
blog module, people will not look further. I guess that was the case.
He: It was.

In any case: This is not really about patches, but about help texts and 
probably about what to ship in core. Or even about what to name blogs. 
I don't think adding config options in blog module are the solution. We have a 
very good solution: stories. IMO we must make it clear with Big Red Blinking 
Warnings that blog module is for community blogging. (or so)

Please give your ideas on how to solve the ugly and unprofessional Blog != 
blog issue in core. 


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