[drupal-devel] what do you call a rose?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Oct 3 18:24:07 UTC 2005

On Monday 03 October 2005 17:42, Steve Dondley wrote:
> With all due respect, making something unnecessarily hard and then
> explaining what you made unnecessarily hard is not "educating" them.

This is not what a mayority wants. It seems about everyone agrees whe need to 
improve usability. This discussion focuses around whether or not simplifying 
and removing (correct used, yet harder to grok) yargon with (easier to 
understand, but maybe not as correct) terms, will get us there. 

A lot of people seem to agree that calling things a rose make it appear a rose 
and thus make it look romantic. While others say, whether its a paper rose, a 
perfume with the smell of roses or a real rose make a big difference , 
whether your girl/boyfriend will find it a romantic gift.

So, the original question was: should 'free tagging' rather be called 
'folksonomy' because more people will be attracted to that term, or should we 
choose the more appropriate, yet less known term 'free tagging'.

I really believe this discussion is NOT about whether or not we should make 
Drupal easier. I rearead the thread and see absolutely no-one arguing that we 
should leave it as it is, and settle for a hard to use Drupal. No-one. 


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