[drupal-devel] reviews needed

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Oct 4 19:31:15 UTC 2005

>>> You'd feel good about committing code that:
>>>  * [either] had a majority against it?
>>>  *     [or] was split in half regarding approval?
>> Occasionally, yes.
>>> Is this just code-freeze rush that we're pumped up about?
>> What is that question's purpose?
> I was implying that you're anxious to get this patch addressed so that
> it'll get into core for 4.7, when the patch itself isn't liked by a
> majority of the folks who've commented. Indeed, the first two comments
> you received after "I need reviewers!" was -1. Is that the sort of
> response you had hoped for?

Well, Dries asked and received comments from developers, while he also
tries to cater to the everyday newbie user, of which reviewers are very
much under represented. You can do the math, but the opinions seen are
not of users but developers, so yout results are going to be false. Now
since this is not a development environment change, it needs the mind of
a user to look at.


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