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Sergio lsmoura at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:16:12 UTC 2005

My first 2 cents as I am tired of these hundreds of messages saying the same

Morbus is right, the 'Custom URL' is wrong.
'URL path' is confusing (or so they say).
what about 'Custom URL path'? I know it is kinda big... But it is also
right, isn't it? As you are asking specifically for the path, and the users
who 'might' me confused by reading only 'URL path' have their 'custom' word
there and Drupal isn't going to be 'teaching the wrong thing'...

- Luis Sergio

On 10/4/05, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> wrote:
> >> Custom URL, http://disobey.com/[________________]
> >
> > Putting the http://blah/ before the text box is a usability nightmare.
> > If you're worried about users entering their full URL into the form
> Hey, I don't like it either. I don't think it's the proper solution.
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