[drupal-infrastructure] Fwd: [drupal-devel] Taxonomy Access Module Takeover

Pyroman[FO] pyroman at ninjapanda.org
Wed Oct 5 01:23:57 UTC 2005

Yeah, I know what you mean.  Unfortunately, once I launched 
GamersWithJobs.com with Drupal, I began to realize that with our large 
number of nodes (18k+), lots of dynamic content and lots of user posts 
that the node based permissions system with Drupal wasn't going to cut 
it performance wise.  I've basically had to rip out the base node_access 
stuff and hardcode it to just use taxonomy_access, and even at that I've 
had to hardcode tids in performance sensitive areas such as Active Forum 
Topics and the Tracker.  So at this point, for my codebase, 
taxonomy_access is useless and I just don't have to time nor inclination 
to work on it.  Hopefully at some point somebody will rewrite Drupal's 
access permissions system to work with much less of a performance hit, 
though this may have already been done, I haven't been keeping up with 
CVS lately (we're on 4.6.3).  In the meantime, I hope keve can rewrite 
taxonomy_access into something a little more useful.


Karoly Negyesi wrote:

>>> User keve has asked to take over the taxonomy_access module, since 
>>> I  don't have time to maintain it.  Can an admin transfer it to him?
> Tell keve please to rework taxonomy access, if possible to not patch 
> 4.7  core. I will help him in every possible way re. db_rewrite_sql.
> I also was thinking on stepping up as a maintainer but, to tell you  
> frankly, I am very happy that I does not need to.
> Regards
> NK

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