[drupal-devel] reviews needed

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Oct 6 00:00:35 UTC 2005

I'd also send a big w00t to Korbus for quick turnaround time.  

As people have pointed out, though, "short" is not always true.  "Simple 
path", however, would have much the same effect.  "Simple" often means 
"short", implicitly, but it doesn't have to be.  The whole idea of the alias 
is to make the URL "simpler" or "easier" to remember and type.  

On Wednesday 05 October 2005 05:12 pm, Morbus Iff wrote:
> > Thank you Morbus for insisting on semantic correctness. Thank you Kobus
> > for doing field research... I find your results to be conclusive. I vote
> > for "Short path".
> I gotta be a dick. This is from a Real Life example:
>   http://www.site.com/node/34
>   http://www.site.com/why_drupal
> The second is not "short" (or, rather, the implied
> "shorter"), but it is a far stronger URL than the first.
> What follows is an upcoming example:
>   http://www.site.com/node/1
>   http://www.site.com/about/morbus
> The same problem applies.

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