[drupal-devel] permissions page

Nicolas Tostin nicolast at logis.com.mx
Fri Oct 7 15:16:07 UTC 2005

I really like the idea proposed by fajerstarter here
It need still some work, but it's a good idea to handle this table.

Btw, I like the GD idea too.

> Second Idea:
> Since performance is not really an issue here, why not have different
> pages for each role (selectable by a drop-down, perhaps)? That
> way you can set the permissions for one user at a time, but you
> can set all modules in one sitting. If you have few roles and few
> modules, it will be slightly more work than now, but if you have
> a lot of modules/roles, this would be a great change.

I think this is not really easy to have a global look at all set

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