[drupal-devel] Drupal and GPL3

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Oct 7 16:27:54 UTC 2005

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Kieran Lal wrote:

> I would like to see support for projects in Drupal that licensed
> under different licenses.

My opinion still is that any Drupal modules have to be licensed under
GPL compatible licenses.

> For example the new SPAM module is under the BSD license.  The new

GPL compatible.

> CiviCRM(http://openngo.org) is under AGPL which is being pursued to

Not compatible.

> support emerging open source business models.

Donald Lobo (the head developer) told me he would dual license the
actual module file under GPL + AGPL as of CiviCRM 1.2.

> Anything we could do to support higher quality contributed modules to
> show the power of the platform would be greatly appreciated.

No, not anything.


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