[drupal-devel] permissions page

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Fri Oct 7 22:16:45 UTC 2005

Karoly Negyesi wrote:
> On Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:26:40 +0200, Herman Webley   
>> I believe this is what Karoly had in mind:
>> 1. No theme('page',..  for the permissions page
>> 2. Link to admin pages (since the page is not themed)
>> 3. Diagonal text for role names (to prevent sideways table expansion)
>> 4. Checker board for permissions checkboxes
>> The tabled cells for the diagonal text was rather obscure, so I
>> suggested that GD could be used used to generate the diagonal text.
>> I'm not sure that its a good idea, but I've made a mockup.
>> Notes for the mockup:
>> 1. Header is a graphic
>> 2. Check all box (javascript)
>> 3. Fixed width form (to match header)
>> http://phone.com.jm/drupal/files/permissions_page.png
> That's _exactly_ what I had in my mind (though the text is diagonal'd 
> the  other direction. Ie I thought to go from from top left to bottom 
> right.
> NK

Another possibility for that page is to use horizontal text labels at the top 
for each column, but use "call out" lines to connect them.  Here's my attempt 
to illustrate with ASCII graphics (you'll need fixed width font to read it):

                       +-----------------< authenticate user
                       |   +-------------< anonymous user
                       |   |   +---------< content writer
                       v   v   v
asterisk module     | O | O | O |  ...
  access call queue  | O | O | O |
  make calls         | O | O | O |

The labels could be grouped and shaded just as they are in the mockup (link 
above) to make reading easier.  It might doable all in CSS2, too.


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