[drupal-devel] hard coded page sizes

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Tue Oct 11 21:15:39 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 16:53, Vernon Mauery wrote:
> > I think it would be really usefull to provide a mechanism to override
> > these hard-coded values.  I would suggest something simple like
> > apending a value to the url in the query string for page size.  This
> > value could be interogated by each module that calls
> > theme_pager_link() to see if it should use it's hard-coded default or
> > use an override.
> Or a setting in the admin/settings/<module> page

How about having a global setting in q=admin/settings but letting registered
users override it with a user profile setting? Per-module is probably not
needed, because the page size won't change depending on which module you're
in. On the other hand, nothing I've proposed would preclude a module adding
its own per-module setting if it wanted to, and that module could rely on 
the system- or user-chosen value as defaults.


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