[drupal-devel] E_ALL: which way to correct each error notice?

Anguo linux-tw at masquilier.org
Fri Oct 14 14:16:56 UTC 2005

On Friday 14 October 2005 10:36 am, Steve Dondley wrote:

I need your feedback on which of two solutions I should use 
to make Drupal E_STRICT compliant.

> else if (isset($result)) {
> to this:
> else if (isset($result)  && $result != '') {

This discussion is relevant to this:
(drupal base and E_NOTICE)

An example of the error notice we get is when going to 

   notice: Undefined index:  #attributes in 
     includes/form.inc on line 54.
   notice: Undefined index:  class in 
     includes/form.inc on line 54.

the line is part of:
   function drupal_get_form ($form_id, 
      &$form, $callback = NULL)
which is called in this case from system.module from
   function system_view_general()

Now I can solve this problem in by declaring the array this 
    $form['#attributes']['class'] = array ();
I can add this line 
1- either within the function drupal_get_form in 
2- or within the function system_view_general in 

Which way would be better/correct?

Another similar example:
   notice: Undefined index:  #built in 
      includes/form.inc on line 180.
should I change in the said line:
   if ($form['#built'] == TRUE) {
   if (isset($form['#built'] AND $form['#built'] == TRUE) {
or should I go back to where the function was called from, 
and declare the array there?

By the way, looking at admin/settings, there are over 1480 
such errors!!! most of them coming from form.inc.

I'm working on updating the already proposed patches, but I 
need to know which way to go.

thank you.

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