[drupal-devel] Forms API conversion help

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Sat Oct 15 09:32:14 UTC 2005

> I am in the process of trying to convert the ezmlm module to the new 
> forms API.  I am doing this so I can learn the forms API.  I am one of 
> the maintainers of the ezmlm module and it is a very, very simple module.
> Once I learn the forms API fairly well, I will be happy to help other 
> people with their conversion efforts, write more documentation on the 
> API and/or convert more modules.  I just need to get it all clear in 
> my head first.
> However, I'm having some problems converting a simple form in my 
> module.  I spent several hours reading all the latest documentation 
> and working on it last night, and I've run into a few things where I 
> am not clear on how it should work.

I was in the same situation as you, and I've found that when in doubt, 
it is best to open up form.inc and look for theme_<#type>, e.g. 
"theme_checkbox", "theme_select". Then you can see what HTML is output. 
If you still can't figure it out, remember (or look for) a core form 
that is similar to the one you have, and see how it is made ;).

By the way, about your checkboxes... #tree is indeed a way to get 
arrays, but remember that if possible, you should use the plural 
checkboxes and radios types.


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