[drupal-devel] autorefresh module drafted (was AJAX selects, with images--and documentation)

Stefan drupal-devel at istyledthis.nl
Thu Oct 20 07:04:34 UTC 2005

Op 19-okt-2005, om 20:56 heeft Nedjo Rogers het volgende geschreven:

> As part of a project sponsored by CivicSpace Labs I've completed a  
> first draft of an API module for dynamically updating form elements  
> (to start with, selects) based on the data in other selects, see my  
> sandbox at:
> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/sandbox/nedjo/ 
> modules/autorefresh/
> The AJAX javascript is based on the great autocomplete code.  It's  
> written for 4.6.  A demo is up (for the next day or two at least) at:
> http://www.islandnet.com/~nedjo/guatemala/?q=autorefresh/example/ 
> construct
> I'd love some review.  In particular, I'm having some trouble with  
> Internet Explorer--showing background images, and sometimes  
> spontaneously not working.  Tips or bugfixes, anyone?
> Thanks, Nedjo  Rogers


i really like what I see. But what is about the images? I can't see  
them using IE 6 or Safari 2.
Maybe it's handy if you could make some examples how people could  
implement the autorefresh api in their own modules? I really look  
forward to play more with it and see if it's possible to make some  
things easier to use..


BTW: This could really improve pages like 'admin/node' imo!

Stefan Nagtegaal
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