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Thu Oct 20 08:31:37 UTC 2005

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> From: hbe at lysedage.dk
> Date: Tue 18 Oct 2005 00:32:52 GMT+02:00
> To: info at drupal.org
> Subject: Ourmedia.org
> Henrik Bennetsen sent a message using the contact form at
> http://drupal.org/contact:
> Hello,
> I was recently made head of Open Source Tools development at  
> Ourmedia.org.
> I am learning a lot all the time but came to this position with  
> limited
> experience. I have spent the last weeks trying to get an overview  
> of my
> situation. I am writing you to try and open the lines of communication
> with you. Please forgive if I am using the wring channel and point  
> me in
> the right direction.
> One thing that is clear to me is that Ourmedia have not been open  
> enough
> to the Drupal community. I wish to change that! A good first step  
> would be
> to release our code which I am currently working on. Is there  
> anyway I can
> do this in a way that is more appropriate in relation to the Drupal
> community then please inform me how.
> I believe that Drupal has been for Ourmedia and now I hope that  
> Ourmedia
> can also become great for Drupal, which is why I write this.
> I look forward to hearing from you,
> Henrik

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