[drupal-devel] Is there a semantic module project on the way ?

Sebastien Arbogast sebastien.arbogast at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 23:38:40 UTC 2005


I'm part of a French-speaking collaborative initiative to gather people and
resources around the "Web 2.0" called "Projet Phénix" (
We have begun to use Drupal as a community platform but we've come to need a
customized module to create RDF semantic networks.
So right now, our idea is to develop a Drupal module to do that : to create
RDF vocabularies (models) and RDF instances inside Drupal.
Before we start, we'd just like to make sure there's not already a similar
project on its way, to which we could collaborate instead of reinventing the

Hence my question : has anyone heard of a RDF structure building module for
Drupal ?

Thx in advance for your answers.

Sébastien Arbogast

Blog : http://www.sebastien-arbogast.com
The Epseelon Project : http://www.epseelon.org
Projet Phénix : http://phenix.netbios.fr
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