[drupal-devel] Is there a semantic module project on the way ?

Sebastien Arbogast sebastien.arbogast at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 07:08:51 UTC 2005

> There are (at least) two modules you'll want to look at. One is CCK
> http://drupal.org/cck-status
> and another is hier
> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/sandbox/vauxia/hier/
> which comes out of vauxia's experience with Operon
> http://www.developerfocus.com/projects/operon/
OK. Thank you very much for your quick answer.
What I see from your links is that :
- Those modules seem to be far from being released
- None of them explicitly deals with RDF

For the second point, is it that RDF approach has been tried but proved to
be a dead-end ? Or is it just that it's not been tried ?
Because standard-based approach is really a key *feature* for us : we want
to be able to use all the tools that deal with with standard RDF.

Sébastien Arbogast

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