[drupal-devel] PostgreSQL and Drupal

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Fri Oct 21 19:56:08 UTC 2005

Hi Peter. Are those conversions then returned to the Drupal community so that over time
the modules get more and more Postgres friendly? -Bruce

--- Peter Atkins <patkins at directpartners.com> wrote:

> Fabiano, 
> I only run Drupal with PostgreSQL and so far only had to convert a
> handful of modules. It really is more of an issue between modules not
> Drupal and most modules are easy to convert got the most part. Drupal
> has done a pretty good job holding its support for PostgreSQL.
> -p
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> How is the Drupal support to PostgreSQL?
> I need to setup a site to an client but the client host only support 
> Postgre...
> May I run a Drupal site in Postgre without big fears? ;)
> I don't know if this topic is very off-topic or not, if it's, sorry. :)
> thanks,
> Fabiano Sant'Ana

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