[drupal-devel] getting admin/help documentation patches into 4.7

Charlie Lowe cel4145 at cyberdash.com
Sat Oct 22 15:24:11 UTC 2005

There's a patch for the admin/help that people should take a look at:


See also the script which is used to auto generate this patch directly 
from the handbook


The main patch integrates in the new documentation created this past 
summer. That documentation then needs to be upgraded to 4.7. Once this 
patch is committed, I can begin working on doing the update by testing 
it directly within Drupal HEAD and updating the documentation 
accordingly. I would estimate it will take at least 2 weeks of updating 
and getting documentation team members to review my changes in the 
handbook once that patch is commmitted. Because there is an auto 
generation script, once this current patch is approved, then the next 
patch we will create for 4.7 will be much easier to review. It should be 
code ready.

So drupal-docs can write the documentation, but webchick and other who 
have worked on coding the patch need help on this. I must admit that I'm 
very discouraged by the fact that almost everyone seems to want improved 
documentation written, but there's been so little involvement in getting 
that documentation integrated into the code (except for some 
participation from translators--thanks Gerhard). If you think you or 
your clients could benefit from this usability improvement in 4.7, now's 
the time to jump in and assist.

Charlie Lowe

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