[drupal-devel] menu memory usage

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 14:44:24 UTC 2005

On 24-Oct-05, at 3:30 AM, Konstantin Käfer wrote:

> I don't like the current taxonomy system. I just want a tree where  
> I can attach nodes to and let drupal build the complete navigation  
> structure. Another disadvantage of the taxonomy system is also that  
> building real breadcrumbs is very costly (due to recursion).  
> Yesterday, I started a module (named ouline) that uses a nested  
> tree instead of taxonomy to classify content. At the moment it is  
> already capable of building a breadcrumb with one single query:

Outline sounds good. As noted elsewhere, looking at/working on  
Allie's hier.module is probably a good thing (chx has done some work,  
too, I think).

I wanted to note that I believe that using the current taxonomy for  
outlines (taxonomy menu, etc.) is a bad practice (i.e. the reverse of  
a best practice). If it were me, I would recommend using a book  
outline...except we don't have book-outline-on-the-fly. Both  
breadcrumbs and menus get generated consistently and correctly when  
using a book outline.


Boris Mann

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