[drupal-devel] icons : go for tango

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Tue Oct 25 11:07:07 UTC 2005

> I have only one problem with openclipart: its really very inconsistent. Often 
> just plain ugly ;). Tango is there only a few month now, So I beleive the 
> pool will be growing. 
I personally quite like the flat theme there, and I find it quite consistent.


> Another icon pool would be the KDE ones. They have really nice iconsets, and 
> in general are much more consistent then the Gnome ones.
I hope we won't start a kde/gnome/whatever flame here.

The easiest way around that is vote - we won't have consesus. There are
too many people with different tastes.

The good thing would be to put down the (existing) naming conventions,
and select a default iconset from a pool of more than one.


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