[drupal-devel] clipper and relations

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu Sep 1 09:17:45 UTC 2005

Hi there,

I just rewrote my clipper module. I abandoned the idea of taxonomy as relation 
manager, and went for the proposed (http://drupal.org/node/28480) 
relationship system. I introduced the table, and wrote a lot of APIs in my 
clipper module. 

I think this is interesting enough for anyone who wants to do anything with 
relations. I think that anyone doing anything with relations, should at least 
consider using the table, and probably re-using some of my apis. 
Dependency on clipper might not be wanted. SO if anyone feels like taking the 
API out of clipper, feel free to put that in a relation.inc. I will be more 
than happy to support such a library. 
Next in line for conversion to this system is shazamgallery. 

And please send me a note if if you have plans for a relation module or 
system, we might be of great help for eachother :)

In my mind:
book.module (hehe)
autorelations.module (I did some patter matching magic before to find related 
.... ?

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