[drupal-devel] Konqueror support?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Sep 2 22:44:37 UTC 2005

Op vrijdag 02 september 2005 23:24, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> Hi!
> Disclaimer: I am writing this message from Kubuntu Linux ie. I am using
> KDE because that fits me.
> This does not mean that Konqueror is not broken all over the place.

It is not. :) It treats most JS and websites better then FF. that is as of 
3.4.X, the one before was horrible indeed.

> I advice the JS batallion (Thox/Steven) to treat Konqueror as JS off all
> the time. Why I am writing the devel list then? Because this is a
> decision: let's not support Konqueror DHTML. I think Safari by now is much
> better (there was a schism between the KHTML/Safari teams pretty recently
> if my understanding is correct).

The odd thing is that until very recently it all worked like a charm (only the 
BG throbber on autofill did not show up) but since FOO (I have a strong 
feeling it is JS upload) it ALL broke. not just the collapses, but the 
autofill (to some extend) and esp the JS upload too. The biggest problem 
being that the degrading part (autofill does fine) is broken too.

And I believe that if degrading fails or even has the slightest chance of 
doing so (Murphy: it thus will) we should simply not include this in core. 
Anything that might render drupal beyond useless should never be allowed near 
core, if it were up to me. And as of recently drupal is useless for me. 
uploads break, I cannot edit any advanced things on the nodes (like approve 
nodes) and sometimes I cannot select things with autofill. 

That is unacceptable for me. And I believe that making exceptions for certain 
browsers is unacceptable too. unless it become an opt-in system where only 
these browser that support it perfectly get to see the JS stuff while 
anything else just sees plain HTML. 
But certainly no opt-out system. for that is an assurance for trouble.

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