[drupal-devel] advanced theme in core vs all in core.

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Wed Sep 7 14:51:31 UTC 2005

As far as the discussion has progressed, I am starting to see more disadvantages to an advanced tab than advantages. Maybe another approach such as:

1. Have the options better organized and documented (as suggested earlier)
2. Have the advanced (complex?) options greyed out with their default settings by default, and simply "unlock" them by one specific advanced setting.

might also work.

It is always a good usability approach to limit the number of mistakes a user can make. With many advanced settings, a user can easily set the wrong option accidentally with catastrophic results, such as private/public downloads.

While on this subject, it might also be possible to havea "reset to defaults" or "reset to previous configuration" for fieldsets with critical options. This would, however, be better discussed on a different thread (feel free to continue this if I am not talking too much nonsense...)



>>> piotrwww at krukowiecki.net 9/7/2005 12:18:24 PM >>>
On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 10:05:55AM -0400, Khalid B wrote:
> > If you ask me, Drupal needs an "advanced" mode, where all these "extra" features 
> > can be put for users who want then, and hidden for those who don't...
> I came up with this idea some time ago to get over the impasse of
> "more options is confusing"  vs. "we need an option for X".
> I am + 1 for an advanced settings tab for these less used options.

+1 for more settings

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