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moshe weitzman drupal-devel at drupal.org
Sun Sep 11 05:27:13 UTC 2005

Issue status update for 
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 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      cvs
 Component:    book.module
 Category:     feature requests
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  Tobias Maier
 Updated by:   moshe weitzman
-Status:       patch (code needs review)
+Status:       patch (code needs work)

in addiiton to removing links, you have to block access tp these
features. this is done with the 'access' element of the relevant items
in book_menu()

moshe weitzman

Previous comments:

Mon, 01 Aug 2005 23:32:14 +0000 : Tobias Maier


it would be good to be able to deactivate
* printer-friendly version
* export DocBook XML
and export OPML

I dont want that people are able to export my content, they should just
be able to see it and to print it with my special print css-style-sheed
(and just the specific page)


Wed, 03 Aug 2005 15:19:26 +0000 : Tobias Maier

Attachment: http://drupal.org/files/issues/book.module_5.patch (1.85 KB)

here comes my patch of this.

it introduces two more permissions:
'export books' and 'see printer-friendly version'

why so I want to hide the printer-friendly version?

* Not every User wants to print the Subpages
* I want to provide a special print style sheed (@media print or how it
was called in css) so I dont need a completely new site, which will be
generated by drupal
The User should see my logo on every page - this is not possible with
"printer-friendly version"

* It does not fit for a corporate site (my opinion) which I want to
make with drupal
read http://support.bryght.com/adminguide/site-types/corporate

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