[drupal-devel] Re: [contributions:MegaGrunt] /modules/publication publication.module publication.mysql readme.txt

Sheldon Rampton sheldon at prwatch.org
Mon Sep 12 07:57:53 UTC 2005

Robert Castelo wrote:

> 1) This is a 'component' module.

For the sake of avoiding confusion, I should mention that Robert's  
publication.module is completely different from a module by the same  
name that we have been developing (and which I have discussed with  
folks on the Civicspace website during our module's beta  
development). We recently discovered that Robert's module has the  
same name as ours when our webmaster attempted to add our module to  
Drupal contributions and found that Robert's module had already been  
uploaded. (Unfortunately, she realized this after she had already  
uploaded our files on top of Robert's.)

To avoid any future confusion or naming conflicts, we have decided to  
rename our project to "epublish.module." We're planning to add it to  
Drupal contribs as soon as we've finished testing the code of the  
renamed module (hopefully later this week).

|  Sheldon Rampton
|  Research director, Center for Media & Democracy (www.prwatch.org)

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