[drupal-devel] file (image) handling in flexinode

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Sep 19 12:11:54 UTC 2005


Drupals core image and file handling is *very* limited. I think this is a very 
good design choice. But the fact that in contribs there is no proper handling 
is a bad thing. In other words: Contribs all try to improve the core file 
handling system, yet don't manage to get a default -working- system going.

I plan t get a default idea and system in flexinode going. Looking at 
I conclude that there is enough manpower for this, yet too little 
centralisation and agreement on how to deal with this. 

Thererfore, I would like to see a thread on drupal-devel going on this. 
Possibly followed by a short IRC meeting to get this all rolling. If need 
arises, we can follow this up on drupalCON in amsterdam.

Here is what (IMO° needs to be agreed upon: 
 * How will a general file handling system look like. (hooks, apis, layers, 
 * What improvements do we need in core to get this sorted out, if any?
 * Who wants to help?
 * Must this be flexinode-only, or just flexinode aware, or not at all linked 
or related to flexinode?

Note to drupalART readers, please keep this centralised and reply to 
drupal-devel mailinglist.

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