[drupal-devel] multihost chrooted apache

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Sep 19 17:42:35 UTC 2005


Op maandag 19 september 2005 19:13, schreef Adrian Rossouw:
> That way you can run each apache process as the user account the site
> belongs to, and set the permissions to only allow them write access
> to their own sites dir.

That indeed is what I had in mind. each vhost dir is symlinked from /sites 
eg sites/www.example.com -> /home/httpd/example.com/

And indeed what I wanted is the user example.com to be an apache users. so if 
example.com decides to FuBar his site (which is fine IMO, disclaimers are in 
place.) that must be limited to /home/httpd/example.com/ and example.coms 
database, of course. 

A user mode linux is not a real option. Memory issues make this Very Hard 
[tm]. But above all, I see no way to run  a multisite on a user mode 
environment. And, maybe the most important of all is that it breaks with our 
"law number one": KISS. :)

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