[drupal-devel] Beginner using Tortoise CVS seeks help!

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Wed Sep 21 07:20:59 UTC 2005

If you are serious about learning some CVS (or better: open source development 
process) I suggest you read the very good book on this:
http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/ It is available as paper, free PDF or even as 

Op woensdag 21 september 2005 00:02, schreef Joel Guesclin:
> This is the very first time I've tried to contribute
> to Drupal, or use a CVS of any description, or use
> this list, so please bear with me if I am making
> mistakes or asking idiot questions.
> I would also like to start by saying how much I
> appreciate the Drupal community and all the help I've
> had over many months - which is why I would like to
> make a very modest contribution of my own.
> I've managed to install Tortoise CVS and after a bit
> of messing about succeeded in doing a "checkout",
> which I think uses the same commands as those in the
> Drupal instructions. I've also successfully created a
> new directory in the list of modules called "checkout"
> (confusingly, this is actually the name of the module
> I want to contribute). So I have made a start.
> However, there are some first questions I would like
> to ask:
> 1) My success with Tortoise so far has downloaded to
> my workstation what looks like the ENTIRE Drupal CVS.
> Apparently I could update anything in this - that
> makes me very nervous that I might mess up someone
> else's work, or Drupal core worse still. Is there any
> way to avoid this?
> 2) Do I need to keep all these directories on my
> workstation for the CVS to work?
> 3) Is there anywhere some documentation for helping a
> Tortoise user with Drupal to get started?
> 4) I seem to have managed to create a "Checkout"
> module (tomorrow I will try to create the project
> under Drupal) in the CVS, with all the appropriate
> files - not sure that I understand tagging and
> branching yet, so will have to see if it works. But
> every time I load a file to the CVS server I get this
> message in the Tortoise window:
> initial revision: 1.1
> cvs commit: Using deprecated info format strings.
> Convert your scripts to use
> the new argument format and remove '1's from your info
> file format strings.
> Do I need to worry about this?
> Many thanks to all, and again my apologies if I'm
> wasting your time.
> JG
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