[drupal-devel] Drupal.org hardware

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Thu Sep 22 23:59:38 UTC 2005

> Me, I use characters from Norse mythology: odin, midgard, sleipnir,
> freya, etc.

Do you know that Midgard is the name of a high end open source free CMS too?

> (I love the fact we don't have all these stupid "issues" clogging up
> the developer list anymore :P )

I love that discussion too.

Basically, naming the machines after their function or hardware models
is not a good practice. Machines get redeployed, upgraded, replaced,
...etc. There was a time when a machine called decvax or sun somewhere
was not from DEC or Sun, but the name had to stay because  it served
in a network.

I have seen planet names, star names, car names, as well as SsscccNNN
(S + 2 letter state, + 3 letter city, plus number)...etc.

I personally use fish names, since I used to do a lot of fishing.
orca, shark, grouper, stingray, sohal, puffer.

(Yes, Orca is  not a fish, rather a mammal, but I needed a big thing,
and whaleshark was not it).

Again, I believe that the people doing the work are the ones who
should decide what the names will be. If drupal1, 2, 3 makes it easy
to locate the systems in the server racks, then so be it. The rest of
us can continue to be arm chair sysadmins ... :-)

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