[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Sep 23 09:44:56 UTC 2005

On Friday 23 September 2005 10:23, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> Maybe some people volunteer to fix some of these problem?  If not,
> maybe we can incorporate them in the usability task list Ber and
> Kieran have been creating?

I am very much for this approach. Some of your issues have simple solutions 
others not. And some even need discussion and agreement before being coded. 

I will take care of this and get them online in the todolist. 

Which raises another issue: dogfood. I now use openusability.org, more as a 
test. And I am very much impressed by the ease of use (usability, huh?) of 
its task manager. 

How can we get this on drupal.org? Should we split these tasks out to openusa 
bility, instead of keeping them inside drupals issue tracker? Beware that 
there are like hundreds of isseus that somehow tough usability sitting stale 
in our issues. We really need to do something about this, for just adding new 
entries, will not help. I am sure they will drown within no time. Think of 
that small/silly wrapper thing to get HTML out of core and get more unity in 
the presented HTML. this was agreed upon on the HIG meetings in antwerp. Yet 
where is it? it has been in the patch queue for months, yet still nothing 


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