[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Sep 23 14:21:02 UTC 2005

> For what it's worth, I think "outliner" is an absolutely horrible name.
> An "outliner" software *means* something, and they'll expect the usage
> of that name to mean what they expect (which is why "category" was such
> a horrible choice for "taxonomy") - it'd be like an OPML editor (like
> Dave Winer's) or OmniOutliner. If you'd like to try out a crossplatform
> (Java) opensource outliner, that mimicks what people expect an
> "outliner" will do, check out the screens here:
> http://outliner.sourceforge.net/.
> In short, our book.module is absolutely nothing like an outliner. An
> outliner needs to be *quick*. Our book module requires about 3 million
> more clicks than an outliner-expectant user is going to put up with.

Of course the renaming should be companied with reworking of the UI,
introducing better outlinging functionality. The potential is in there,
but the interaction patterns are not fortunate... It is not suitable now
for non-geeks even to author books effectively (I know I have been
preparing an S5 slideshow with book module these past days :).


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