[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Álvaro Ortiz alvaro.ortiz at the-cocktail.com
Fri Sep 23 17:45:42 UTC 2005

> If someone cooks up a patch which changes one or more core themes to  
> introduce some visual distinction between admin and user mode, I'd be  
> happy to commit that.  The differences don't have to be disruptive.   
> Just changing the background color would probably be a small but  
> helpful change.

For one of my Drupal sites I use a different stylesheet with slight 

* fixed column width to a liquid design, so large tables (ecommerce 
ones, ie) fit without overlapping the columns.
* a simplified header

> Could you try to be a little more concrete?  How exactly would you  like 
> to see admin/content improved?  I'm not sure I understood your  
> explanation.

Here's a sketch:


(a continiustic approach, as I mean not to propose big changes)


* Quick stats (or call it whatever you like, its a quick sketch, haven't 
entered into much detaill): the total number of nodes and comments (I 
know comments don't belong here, but a shorcut well thought its not 
bad), the # of nodes/comments needing action, and some insight as what 
happenned in your site recently (this could make it into the new admin 
control panel?)

* Content by type: so you get an idea of what your site is composed of, 
and shortcut to filter any content type.

Another debate would be separating "page" content type, or letting an 
admin change the name of a content type...

* Content by status: not sure of this one, as many of the indicators are 
not of frequent use, but good to know at first glance that you have 
content waiting moderation (but it's repeated)

* Filter: I find the actual filter widget difficult to use, which I 
think ends up in reducing its use. I find the radio buttons irrelevant; 
you can go without them as it can be seen with the same functionality 
and reducing the number of clicks.

* Table of results: I would add a date column.


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