[drupal-devel] two minor usability issues, introduced recently

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Sun Sep 25 12:41:42 UTC 2005

> We don't have usability tests -- how do you envision this to be done?

One hindrance in getting usability testing done is because the usability people are not necessarily technical people. When a new feature comes in as a patch, the usability expert has to patch his copy of Drupal, then get around to test it for usability. This is however not easily done, as I, for example, am a technical dufus with a little bit of coding skills. I am however majoring in usability, so, I can provide some usability testing but where and how?

I have a possible solution for this issue. Before reading the proposed solution, keep in mind that it is only to stimulate thought, as I am not sure how technically feasible it is:

1. Set up a site based on HEAD.
2. Assign a technical person to update and maintain it.
3. When an update is applied (patch or other), simply add/update the a "changelog" or "issue" or something.
4. When a usability person analyzes the change, he documents it accordingly on the same issue.
5. Developers read the usability person's report and change the code if necessary.
6. Usability testers get access to test all new aspects of the page/page/feature/whatever.
7. Of course the database might need to be refreshed now and then.



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