[drupal-devel] Swiss army knife of RSS feeds - SQL Search patch

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Sep 26 10:46:09 UTC 2005

Seth, et al.

I hacked this into Drupal search once too. Just as a proof of concept. It got 
my server completely to its knees. Drupal search is amoungst the most heavy 
pages of Drupal. XML feeds are all pulled in at once mostly on the hour. My 
stats show my feeds are accessed most of all my pages. 

In order to do this right some ground-level changes need to get into drupal 
(they are options, just random ideas, in fact):
* For a feed we must load everything trough a bootstrap. No need to render all 
sorts of blocks, do user checks etc etc, only to generate a feed. 
* For a feed we could decide to do Really Agressive Caching: let only one 
module (be able to) clear the feeds cache. Maybe even time-based. Maybe even 
save a feed as a real file: feed.xml
* Possibly pull the feed system completely out of the common system, into a 
feed.php (as opposed to index.php)

Because your feature is not only very nice, i beleive it should be in Drupal 
core. Drupal, the community, (partly) grew big trough its feed support, we 
should not leave our support as it is, but continuously develop this. Feeds 
are really hitting big masses lately. 


On Monday 26 September 2005 04:56, Seth Cohn wrote:
> I've uploaded a very rudimentary patch to trip_search (aka SQL search)
> giving it the ability to generate a RSS feed based on the search.
> I'll let those with more drupal skills than I have take it further and
> bring it up to standards, but it's such a simple and easy patch (kudos
> to everyone who makes it easy to write drupal code) and gives such a
> great benefit (unlimited customizable RSS feeds of whatever content
> you want), I want to be sure it doesn't get lost and the right people
> see it to make those improvements.
> http://drupal.org/node/32212

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