[drupal-devel] two minor usability issues, introduced recently

Álvaro Ortiz alvaro.ortiz at the-cocktail.com
Mon Sep 26 21:17:50 UTC 2005

> It's a hard problem, but one we have to solve.  I think we all agree  
> that the current situation is a bit of a mess.  An important part of  
> the problem boils down to the question: "What exactly makes a  
> setting?".  For example, adding profile fields is an uncommon yet  
> reasonably complex task.  Is it a setting or not?  Does it belong under:

I think the criteria should be: "it's a set-up task or an everyday 
task?". Moderating comments, editing entries, adding categories, 
managing users, are every-day tasks. Adding profile fields is a set-up 
task, because you rarely add a profile field.

In my opinion it would help if every setting went into admin > settings, 
so you know clearly where to head to when you need to change the 
configuration of any module. And the average admin user would spend very 
few time in this pages.

Reviewing this should not be too hard.


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