[drupal-devel] LOCK vs. SELECT FOR UPDATE

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Wed Sep 28 14:03:34 UTC 2005

> Well first off, foreign key support. 

This is going to be hard to do and maintain on an ongoing basis 
considering our database independence feature. It may not be impossible 
though. If you or others want to publish an exploratory patch, it will 
move the conversation along. Until a patch arises, I don't see a point 
in discussing a drop of mysql 3.x

As for Gerhard's original question, it would certainly be nice to get 
rid of the requirement on LOCK TABLES permission. That has bit me before 
shared web hosts. Maybe we should use different locking technique 
depending on the table type or permission level of the DB user.

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