[drupal-devel] Hello to all!

Ariejan de Vroom ariejan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 13:29:51 UTC 2005

Hello everybody,

Since I'm planning to contribute to Drupal the next few months, I'd like to
introduce myself a bit here.

My name is Ariejan de Vroom, owner of Ariejan.net <http://Ariejan.net>. I
live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and I'm 24 years old. (Well, October 17th
I turn 25.) Currently I'm a college student and software engineer at and for
Fontys University Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Besides being a software
engineer, I'm also a Linux/Open Source teacher at Fontys University.

At the moment I use Mambo to power my website. Previously (about 2 years
ago) I used Drupal. Now I have given Drupal another try and I really like
what I see. Currently I'm porting my website to Drupal.

To show my appreciation, I want to contribute to Drupal by adding additional
features and track down and fix bugs. At this time I'm setting up a
development environment (SuSE 9.3 in VMWare 4.5.2) for Drupal development.
When my CVS access is approved, I want to start to contribute to Drupal.
(Starting with my first feature request: http://drupal.org/node/32563 )

I'll be watching this list as well and I hope to pay my $0.02 here as well.

I'm looking forward to a great time working with you guys.

Best regards,

Ariejan de Vroom
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