[development] Creating Module Branches

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sat Apr 1 14:20:03 UTC 2006

Hi Dan

Tarballs are generated every 12 hours, so if that interval did not yet elapse,
you have to wait.

Regarding the 4.7 tag, did you do a:

cvs tag -b DRUPAL-4-7

Note the -b, which causes a branch to be created.

If you did not, then you may have to force it by

cvs tag -F -b DRUPAL-4-7


On 4/1/06, Dan Ziemecki <dan at ziemecki.com> wrote:
> I committed a "Drupal-4-7" branch of my module last night, but it isn't
> showing up under http://drupal.org/project/Modules with the
> "4.7.x" filter.  What steps am I missing in the process?  Is this manually
> handled?
> --
> Dan Ziemecki

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