[development] nodeapi image concept (request for feedback)

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Mon Apr 3 19:34:24 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 09:36 -0700, Boris Mann wrote:
> On 3-Apr-06, at 9:28 AM, Sean B. Fuller wrote:
> > But like I said, after considering all the management interface  
> > that would be needed to really make multiple images work, it seems  
> > like trying to pack this all in to image.module might be a bit  
> > much. I'd rather see the nodeapi_image functionality that I posted  
> > added to image.module, and then start a new thread about how to  
> > effectively make an embedded multi-image mini-gallery in a node.  
> > That's my two cents anyway. Thoughts?
> The use cases for multiple images per node are many -- and "mini  
> gallery" is only one of them. This is indeed a case for  
> relationships, which is a higher level issue.
> Gerhard's upload_images.module associates multiple images, but only  
> displays as thumbnails. Nodeimageblock doesn't use image nodes, but  
> just upload files, and doesn't do resizing. My dream module would be  
> a combination of these two, using 4.7. region to display the block of  
> images (with configurable thumbnail size), displaying the image node  
> title/caption and linking to a full size image.
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I'm still hot on the idea of a file callback that works with the
existing upload.module, and eliminating all this image.module,
audio.module, media.module stuff and having plugins that react to the
file lifecycle based on mime or extension....

Still haven't decided whether a full-on node (utilizing existing nodeapi
and all the weight of node_load) or keeping files as a distinct object
from nodes so they can have a lighter api and making a file<->node
relationship module. I'm going to try the former first.

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