[development] Tagging and branching, again.

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Thu Apr 13 18:03:44 UTC 2006

> It's not an error, it's intentional on my part. Now you've fucked *me* 
> up.
> If you don't like my repository, that's fine. But I do not appreciate 
> you branching it when I was not ready for it it to be branched.

Well sorry, but I would prefer if contrib did not devolve into a 
tag'n'branch bonanza where everyone has their own practices. It is messy 
enough in there already.

Sticky tags are immensely annoying to deal with from where I'm standing. 
It is only because of the CVS tag / branch duality that this even works 
for packaging up the releases. And there is no easy way to check if a 
sticky tag was applied on purpose (like you did) or by someone who used 
the wrong cvs command (99% of all cases I encounter).

While committing to other people's directories is rare, there are some 
perfectly good reasons to do it. Sometimes core-wide features, sometimes 
CVS maintenance (e.g. adding id tags or readmes). I've done this on 
several occasions (theme search box, ajax autocomplete and now 
tablesort_pager) and no-one has ever complained. I think we should keep 
it an option by requiring proper branching for the official Drupal tags. 
Outside of those, you can do what you want.

Steven Wittens

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