[development] Updating xtemplate

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Fri Apr 14 10:13:31 UTC 2006

Hi there!

We are in the hot phase of the release of Drupal 4.7. Steven pointed out 
that still a number of modules need to be made compatible for 4.7. One 
of the things that should be updated does not even have a project...


This theme engine was removed from Drupal core (for good reasons). A lot 
of people however are likely to still rely on it, however. So I ask for 
some kind soul to create a project for it and bring it up to 4.7 
standards. I've heard that there is even a version of the include files 
for php5 somewhere on the net.

We also need to remember to print a prominent notice about the removal 
somewhere (might already be there).

This is a great opportunity for somebody less techie to do a great 
service for the Drupal community.

I know you all have waited for it.

On a releated note: queue.module was also removed from core. We should 
create a project for it and point out that nmoderation can be used as an 
replacement. IIRC Jeff Eaton was even going to provide an upgrade path.


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