[development] Generic Authentication Bridging

Gary (Lists) listout at accidentaltechie.org
Sat Apr 15 11:29:14 UTC 2006

Hello all.

It's Saturday morning and I've convinced myself that:

    a) we're going to fully embracing Drupal, which means a few grumbles ;)

    b) I really need a way to (easily) bridge user authentication
       between Drupal `userid` and several other SQL db's user entries

    c) and so I'd like to begin writing my first Drupal shareable code

    d) our 2-week tests with running pMachine inside Drupal are a success

I am a generally confident PHP programmer, but I must admit that I am only
at about 50% confidence with my knowledge of Drupal's APIs.

Therefore, I'd like to start on this [ (b) ] basic code project in order
that I might solve an immediate need as well as become more confident with
those API's, as they exist in 4.7.

If there are others who find that they might need a similar piece of code
(see more full description below), then I would very much like to start a
collaboration with you.

Project:  Generic User Authentication Look-up Bridge Framework

Project Description:

    I wish to create a basic, super-admin-only set of PHP functions to
bridge the Drupal user's table to (any) other SQL table.

   The Drupal `userid` will be looked up in any of the named DB's and will
considered valid if both `userid` and `password` are the same in both

    Functionality would be modular, allowing the addition of
application-specific bridges for common OSS user-based tools
(i.e., pMachine, Olate Download, etc.)

Project Hopes:

    1)  Simple, flexible design.
    2)  Drop-In Install, Single-Page Management.
    3)  Eventual addition of 'Authenticate and Migrate User' functionality.

Please contact me via email if this is something that you have an interest
in working on.  (Please, hold off on the "I'd like this too, but I have no
way to help" emails until a bit later, okay? ;)

I am open to the possibility that I'm a dreamer and that I this dog won't
hunt.  Please gently discourage, as appropriate.


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